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We’re recruiting! Social Media and Communications Volunteer Role 

The Social Media and Communications volunteer is in charge of maintaining Mazí Mas’s different social media channels, boosting our profile on them, running the website and newsletter, and sustaining outreach to other media and relevant parties so as to promote and develop the project.


Job Description

The role will require up to 3 hours dedicated to the weekly team meeting, and between 8 and 10 hours of independent work

The Social Media and Communications volunteer is in charge of:

  • Running various social media outlets (facebook, twitter, instagram, vimeo, pinterest, flickr); many can be coordinated through programs such as Hootsuite.
  • Commissioning and publishing weekly blog on the website, promoting it on social media.
  • Editing, updating and running the website (through WordPress).
  • The monthly newsletter, done via Mailchimp.
  • Building-up our database of relevant journalists and twitter accounts to contact in advance of future events and residencies.
  • Contacting publications and individuals in order to get Mazí Mas covered in various media.
  • Promoting events and residencies in the run-up to and duration of them.
  • As the central team is so small, you will also be expected to help with various administrative tasks, such as fundraising, helping out at events and structural organisation of the business.


The role is a challenging one but provides many rewards; the experience offers an opportunity for a sharp learning curve, alongside chances to try out parts of other roles in a flexible capacity. The work of Mazí Mas is also highly ethically and socially rewarding, and the team is incredibly welcoming and supportive. The role would suit somebody with a passion for the project of Mazí Mas, good organisational skills and an interest in promotion, publicity and/or media.


Necessary qualities and experience:

  • Eloquent spoken and written English
  • Enthusiastic, self-motivated and organised
  • Experienced user of social media (not necessarily in a professional context)
  • Confident in approaching (online and in person) professionals without previous acquaintance
  • Innovative approach to promotion
  • Passionate commitment to the project and values of Mazí Mas


Highly valued qualities and experience:

  • Some professional experience in any of the relevant areas
  • Good understanding of various relevant programs and social media sites (in particular, WordPress, Hootsuite and Mailchimp)
  • Experience working with migrants or issues that effect them
  • AND/OR experience in the women’s sector
  • AND/OR experience in social enterprise
  • An understanding of relevant issues to promotion, such as SEO
To apply, please send an email to with your CV and a bit about who you are, why you’d like to volunteer, and what skills you think you’d bring to Mazí Mas.


Board of Trustees

We are currently putting together our Board of Trustees. If you like what we do and have been working in a related area for some years, do get in touch. A role description can be found below.


Overall Purpose

The board of trustees is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of Mazí Mas, helping to develop its aims and objectives, in accordance with its values and in line with legal/regulatory guidelines and requirements.


Key Responsibilities

-       Support, uphold and develop the values of Mazí Mas;

-       Ensure Mazí Mas and its management and staff function within an appropriate legal and regulatory framework and to strive for best practice of governance;

-       Uphold the trusteeship nature of the position in such a way as to add external trust and confidence for the organisation;

-       Determine the overall direction and development of Mazí Mas, through good governance and clear strategic planning.


Main Duties

-       Promote and develop Mazí Mas, in order for it to develop, whilst retaining its core values and aims;

-       Attend and contribute to the tri-annual board meetings;

-       Ensure Mazí Mas complies with legislative and regulatory requirements, acts within the framework of its governing documentation and in furtherance of its strategic aims;

-       Promote the organisation and facilitate links between Mazí Mas and other initiatives in the fields of migration, gender and sustainable food sourcing;

-       Act in the best interests of Mazí Mas;

-       Provide advice and support, where necessary, to the management team;

-       Ensure sound management of resources, ensuring that any investment/new activity meets appropriate criteria of organisational aims and objectives;

-       Act as a counter signatory on cheques and applications for funds;

-       Maintain absolute confidentiality about all sensitive/confidential information received in the course of being a trustee;


As a collective body, the Board of Mazí Mas will:

-       Monitor the progress, finances and outputs of the organisation by receiving reports on a timely basis;

-       Oversee the financial probity of the organisation, ensuring the production of annual financial statements;

-       Hold an Annual General meeting open to all members;

-       Ensure the production of an Annual Report detailing activities, income and expenditure.

The trustees are encouraged to maintain regular contact with the wider sector in which Mazí Mas functions, attending events and meetings as appropriate.



The position of trustee is an unpaid position, held for a term of two years.



Please send your CV and cover letter by Friday 6th June to, detailing your interest in Mazí Mas and in which way your experience makes you suitable for the position of Trustee.