Mazí Mas is a roaming restaurant that brings exciting, authentic global home cooking to the public, and in so doing creates employment opportunities for aspiring women food entrepreneurs from migrant and refugee communities.


‘Mazí mas’ means ‘with us’ in Greek, and creates a space in which long-term unemployed and socially marginalised women can open their own restaurant, an unrealised dream for many. Our food is quintessentially London: vibrant, full of flavour, and steeped in rich cultural traditions.


Mazí Mas is inspired by Maria Maroulis, a Greek woman who lived in the United States for nearly twenty years. An extraordinary cook, her dream was to open her own bakery – but she was prevented from doing so by her husband, who had rigid ideas about what a woman ought and ought not to do. Maria’s warmth, generosity, and stunning food shape the ethos of Mazí Mas, as they do her dinner table. Together, from scratch, with us – mazí mas.